Anytime / Anywhere Viewing

We're getting busier and busier and life is moving faster and faster. It's hard enough keeping up with our busy schedule, let alone keep tabs on security for your business or home. We know, these days everyone is on-the-go, and you need a security system that can keep up with your busy schedule. Anytime / Anywhere Viewing is the answer for those who are always on the move.

Samsung Brings You Features Developed With Your Convenience in Mind
Samsung Brings You Features Developed With Your Convenience in Mind We can't always stay home or be at the office. In fact, these days if you want your business to succeed, we need to be out there meeting clients, making contacts, and doing what it takes give us that extra edge in this competitive market. As our schedules keep us traveling, we don't have to sacrifice our peace of mind. With our Anytime /Anywhere Viewing, you can check and monitor your system anytime and from anywhere. Whether you're on a business trip or meeting a client, check in on your store, restaurant, or warehouse to make sure everything is going smoothly. It's easy as turning on your PC or checking on a App on your smartphone. With your smartphone or on your PC, be linked to your business' or your home's security system.

On Your PC
Check on your cameras, change your setup, review old videos, and on some models, save your screen shot as a jpeg or bmp (Picture files) with our Anytime /Anywhere Viewing. The greatest part of all this is that you don't have to do it from your business, store, or home. Connect your DVR to the internet and gain access to your security from anywhere in the world, at any time.

It doesn't have to be the security system for your office or store, check on your kids and say hello from your business trip or do a quick security sweep of your home while on vacation. Through Samsung's Anytime / Anywhere, you are never beyond reach. Know that you can keep tabs on your business or home through your PC no matter where you are.

Check From Your Phone
With Anytime /Anywhere, you can check your security system from your phone. Make sure your house is ok or make sure your employees are all doing what they are supposed to be doing. Do it all while on-the-go. For certain models, it's as simple as downloading a free app (iPOLis Mobile). For others, connect to your system using your phone's web browser. Samsung works hard to be sensitive to the times. Furthermore, We work hard to bring you a security system you can trust with features that are relevant and useful. Security and Convenient is offered to you hand-in-hand.