Pure Digital Signal

Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, everyone is all about sharing and social networking these days. Why not share with your friends and loved ones just how adorable your little one is. Samsung BabyView monitors give you several options in sharing videos of your baby with your friends and family.

Monitor and Share via the Internet
You're sitting in your office and you want to check in on your baby. Just log onto your Skype or MSN and say 'hello'. Perhaps grandpa and grandma want to see their grandchild. Again, have them log onto their Skype or MSN and they can 'visit' anytime. Our BabyView baby monitor allows parents, friends & family to view live video of your baby on a private & secure channel from anywhere in the world via Skype® or MSN®. Just connect your monitor to the computer via USB. It's easy to set up and convenient.

Note: This feature is only available on the SEW-3020 (RemoteView) and the SEW-3035 (SecureView)

SD Card Slot for Video Record/Upload
All of our BabyView monitors come standard with a SD card slot. Just record and upload videos of your baby and post it on youtube or facebook. You can easily share your videos with friends and family or just save them for yourself. Grandparents, Aunts, Uncle, and friends… we're sure everyone wants to share in watching your baby grow. Now it's quick and easy.

Night Vision: Another Innovative Features Standard on Your BabyView Monitor
With our BabyView monitors, you can keep an eye on your sleep baby even in complete darkness. All our cameras come equipped with infrared lights that enable you to see up to 10' even in complete darkness. Infrared light that illuminate your camera is invisible to the human eye, so you can monitor your baby without disturbing him or her. However, if you he or she doesn't like the dark, your camera also come standard with a gentle remote activated night light.