Smart Viewer Technology

You can't be everywhere at once, but this no longer means you can't keep an eye on all of these places. With our Smart Viewer Technology, we give you the ability to monitor an infinite number of security systems simultaneous, and from one location! These systems can be spread out all over the world, and you have access to them via the Internet.

Smart Viewer Technology: Meeting the Security Needs of Today's Growing International Business Community
As technology develops, our world seems to be getting smaller and smaller. This means that as better and faster means of transportation and communication develops, it becomes easier and easier to have access to areas located on the other side of the U.S or even on the other side of the globe. More and more businesses are spreading out and their security concerns are no longer about protecting and monitoring one central location. You might have factories located in South America and Asia, showrooms in Manhattan and L.A, and warehouses spread out all over the United States. With our Smart Viewer Technology, you are able to monitor all of these sites from one location via the internet. Times are changing and Samsung is working hard to make sure you and your business have the right tools to keep up with the times.

Smart Viewer Technology Designed with Your Convenience in Mind
Your business might not be about warehouses or showrooms, but you might have restaurants or convenient stores in various locations around the city. We realize how hectic running your businesses can become, especially when you have them in more than one location. Samsung offers the solution to the security monitoring needs for the on-the-go business person. With our Smart Viewer Technology, you can monitor all your businesses at home or from your office. Cover your cash registers, keep an eye on your stock rooms, and monitor whose coming and going. Receive Alerts email for loss of signal, motion detection, or other significant events. With our Smart Viewer Technology, stay in control and keep tabs on all of your sites. Samsung is working hard to help you run your businesses in this fast pace world.

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