DVR Firmware Update

Where can I find my Model Name and Material Code?

Your Model Name and Material Code can be found on the silver label, located on top of your DVR. Please note, some SDE-4001N and SDE-5001N models will not have the Material Code.

Please download the appropriate firmware that corresponds with your Model and Material Code on to a USB Flash drive or an external hard drive. Once the download has been completed, go to DVR setup insert the drive into your DVR. Follow the instructions and firmward update will begin.

Model Material Code File
SDE-3001N SDE-3001N/US Download
SDE-3003N SDE-3003N/US Download
SDE-3004N SDE-3004N/US Download
SDE-4001N None Download
SDE-4001N VKKF016NUS Download
SDE-4001NV SDE-4001NV/US Download
SDE-4002N VKKF007NUS Download
SDE-4003N SDE-4003N/US Download
SDE-4004N SDE-4004N/US Download
SDE-5001N None Download
SDE-5001N VKKF017NUS Download
SDE-5001NV SDE-5001NV/US Download
SDE-5002N VKKF011NUS Download
SDE-5002NV SDE-5002NV/US Download
SDE-5003N SDE-5003N/US Download
SDR-3102 None Download
SDR-5102 / SDR-5102N2T None Download